What I really THINK
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2004-05-06 19:15:36 (UTC)


How are you today? I'm doing very well. First of all I
would just like to congradulate myself, it has been about 4
weeks since I purged and I feel so great. I am very
particular of what I eat, but I do eat regular now. My
secret diet? I eat turkey sandwhiches (with non-processed
turkey), slim fast bars all the time. Dry cerel and lots of
water and green tea. You have no idea how hard it was for
me to get this far, it was mentally and physically
difficult to overcome considering the fact I did it for a
year and stopped with out any help except for therapy
sessons with Renee.
School is finished last week, and I'm pretty sure I'll be
perfectly fine. I did a lot of studying for the last few
tests I have to take. I'll hopefully start busniess next
As for friends- I feel like I have non. I guess everything
can't be perfect. If I wasn't fighting with my friends I
was throwing up. Now that I'm content with myself menatlly,
physically, and education wise, I find myself fighting with
them. I don't really feel like doing into detail with what
happened. And all I do is think how the friends I'm
fighting with now will not be a concern in ten years cuz I
probably won't know them anymore.
I got to go, my back hearts and work is at five
Love me

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