Too Much to Say
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2004-05-06 16:27:05 (UTC)

it's been awhile

i just have so little motivation to write anymore. i
think it's starting to feel like homework. or perhaps it's
because i only ever write about guys, and at present i'm
staying away from them. i mean, yes i want a romance, but
in God's perfect timing. i'm not ready yet.
tim asked me to sing with the attic band this
summer!!! (youth group band). i'm soooooo excited! it's
like a dream come true. i never thought in a million years
they would ask ME to sing with them. this is a genre of
music i've been wanting to try for a long time. and the
opportunity just jumped into my lap. i didn't have to do a's a God-send. i can't wait to get home and
start practicing with them and get our college sunday
school class on it's way. so many great things for
summer!!! i can't wait to go home!!!!!

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