Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-06 12:00:35 (UTC)

I am sooooo tired!

Here's the deal -- the baby has been getting up more and
more at night (he's gotten to the point of every two
hours!) and is not going to bed easily either. Husband
starts in on the whole he needs to be fed food bit again.
He is telling me about some baby that he heard about at
work that is 7 weeks old and eating food. Well, I tell
him, are we going to spend our whole lives comparing our
children to everyone else's children? He says, come on,
the baby is 15 weeks old (actually, he's 17 weeks, but
who's counting?), he obviously needs food, why aren't you
making him a cereal bottle at night to help him to sleep?
So, after a couple of nights of us having a pissing match
over this, I start giving the baby cereal bottles again.
Yeah, like that is such a magic solution! The first night
that I gave him one, he spewed and spewed and spewed once
he was laid down in bed. I don't have any idea how many
burp rags we went through! However, he did sleep a little
bit longer (4 hours instead of 2) but he was still hard to
get down to sleep.
Moving to yesterday. Yes, I was a bit high-strung. Okay,
I am high strung! Do the same thing, gave him a cereal
bottle, but a bit less this time. Same thing happens, he
spits up forever on end, doesn't want to go to sleep,
doesn't want to nurse (he's biting down and pulling off,
which tells me he's not hungry), and is just overall
miserable. The longer this goes on, the more aggravated,
upset, and angry I am getting. Husband's answer to all
this? Why don't you just make him a bottle if you can't
nurse him? What? The baby is spewing his guts out and you
want to put more into his stomach? What kind of sense does
that make?
I am getting more and more angry and wanting to yell or
strike out at my husband and say, see, this is why he's not
ready for food yet! Stop bugging me about things because
somebody else's child is doing it earlier than yours! Ours
has reflux, he basically has a sensitive stomach/digestive
tract, we can't just go putting stuff into his system
because it sounds like we should! The baby doesn't even do
well with diluted baby apple juice! Give him 2 ounces of
baby apple juice diluted half and half with water, and he
will spit up for hours on end afterwards. If hubby wants
to question what the baby needs, come to the doctor's
appointment with me, find out for yourself.
When I told him that I was tired of him spitting up like
this, he just tells me that this is what he does. Yeah,
okay, but he doesn't do it nearly like this all day when
all he gets is breast milk? Hmmmmm, let's put the pieces
of this puzzle together!
Anyway, it gets late last night, I'm exhausted, I'm getting
very short of patience with the baby, and I have no choice
but to deal with it. I can't just lay the baby down and
walk away for a few minutes because he will be screaming
and waking up husband and older son. Husband can't take
him for a few minutes, because baby will be screaming
bloody murder within 90 seconds because he isn't me. I'm
royally screwed. I hold him, I rock him, I plead with him,
I cry over him. I get up and start pacing the floor with
him, and he is still not resting. Okay, I've got to calm
down. I start taking deep breaths, willing myself to calm
down for the sake of the baby. I do calm down, although
I'm still wet-eyed, and he goes to sleep. Get him to bed
and we have been up every 3 hours for the first two rounds
and then 2 hours after that (1 am, 4 am, 6 am) and now I am
up to stay.
God how I wish I had some Dr Pepper here!