en vitae la femme

Seven Hundred and Fifty
2004-05-06 11:37:19 (UTC)

The Translation

Curiosity got to me (or the ache in my heart or the
pissed-offedness in my brain), especially when I remembered
there are online translators that don't do it word-by-word,
but will translate entire phrases.

Here's what it says, according to http://www.freetranslation.com

eu estou irritado nas coisas que não fazem o sentido. o
don't i gosta realmente dela, mas quando na necessidade em
uma porca, eu posso confiar nela para tomar cuidado daquela.
eu compreendo que eu posso começar colocado sempre que eu
quero, mas este é um turnoff. eu não me quero alguém por
favor sempre que eu quero, mas alguém para matar a hora com,
de fazer coisas, se eu quiser deixar cair em algum lugar uma
porca, eu posso apenas ultrapassar a uma de casas do meu
amigo começar este afastado.

eu estou irritated nas coisas that não fazem or sense. or
gift' t i gosta really giving it, but quando na necessidade
em uma porca, eu posso to trust nela to take cared for
daquela. eu compreendo that eu posso começar placed sempre
that eu want, but this é um turnoff. eu não I want me alguém
please sempre that eu want, but alguém to kill hour com, of
fazer coisas, itself euDeixar cair em algum place uma porca,
eu posso barely ultrapassar to uma of houses gave meu friend
começar this afastado.

It didn't like Spanish too well, so maybe I'll try that one
again later.

ich bleibe nur für Funktion, die bin, was ich tue. im
Geheimnis auslaugend, wie ich Sitz sehe. was auch immer ich
wünsche, ein Wort nicht zu glätten, kann ich es an mich mit
wenigem oder keinem Einwand von seiten sie liefern lassen.
die ist die Sache. obwohl ich bin, was sie nicht wünscht,
kann ich es ohne Probleme beim Sein fließend tun die Weise,
die sie mich sein wünscht. das verwirrt zusammen alle.

I do not remain to be done would see only for function, that
am, what I. in the secret auslaugend, like I seat. what also
always I wish to smooth a word, can deliver let is I it at
me with little or no objection of sides it. that the thing.
although I am, what does not wish it, I can be do wishes for
it without problems in that fluently the manner, that it
its.Together everyone.

Well, it seemed to like German better.

Now, French, which I should be able to read, but not too
much nowadays.

je ne peux pas aider mais me sentir inutile parfois, mais
c'est dans ma insécurité commune qui fait ceci ainsi. elle
croit que je suis une personne aimable avec un grand coeur,
mais je ne donnent pas cette idée dans normal, je suis sûr
je l'ai dit que ce que je peux faire, et elle ou ne le croit
pas, ou je suis juste que bon à la manipulation. peut-être
la manipulation est au juste de ce que j'ai besoin pour
faire ce que je dois faire dans la vie. un manipulateur

I cannot help but to feel me useless sometimes, but this in
my common insécurité that did this thus. she believes that I
am a nice person with a big heart, but I do not give this
idea in normal, I am sure I said it that this that I can do,
and she or does not believe it, or I am just that good to
the manipulation.Manipulation is exactly of this that I need
to do this that I must do in life. a supreme manipulative one.

That's what it says, although the translator didn't make
much of Spanish. I haven't digested any of it yet to
determine how I feel, but I am tempted to divulge my
feelings in a similar manner. Though mine won't be so
poetic and he knows how I feel anyway. I'm too practical.

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