little pig does poetry
2004-05-06 09:02:30 (UTC)

Another case of Internal Affairs

The Colorado relatives I don't know
took their panties off during recess,
poopoo angels told me so (after
fucking the perfect coaches in
a cafe catered to atheists). But
drinking mocha cappuccino latte
sugared in plastic cups hard
as glass makes the viola in my soul
transform into an electric guitar,
perhaps a horny Ibanez. So,
I travel to Atlantic City
for twice the fun, and bumped into
an Asian hottie named Alisa--
claimed to be 20 (but more like
12)--so I screwed her for 4 hours,
the first quakes in town, and
found out later that she's actually
Colorado cousin number X.
And to conclude, sum up, finalize,
and maybe be philosophical,
I've come to establish an important
mini manifesto: it's impossible
to have a good fuck without
keeping it in the family.