little pig does poetry
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2004-05-06 08:29:41 (UTC)

Her form comes to Life

Just as she's done many times before, Sestina
wipes the cloudy residue with a Kleenex, white
like the briefs that he took off. His face
came in and out of her vision {like flickering lights
on the ceiling] as she blinked. She accepted this world
he created--from the moment they left the streets.

Leaving Joe's Motel, she enters the lights
that spread from poles standing in the streets.
Her cold giners play within her purse, a small world
of lipstick, chewing gum, mascara, and cigarettes. Sestina
pulls out the pack of Marlboro 100s, her slender white
fingers finding comfort. The lighter accents her face

momentarily, and the smoke begins to wrap Sestina
in a weak embrace. Leaning against a mailbox, the lights
hovering above cast a shadow upon her face
as she flips through a few 50s. She smiles at the white
man on the bill who was he a president? Only the world
knows--not someone who frequents the streets

at night, every night. Waiting for Tony, Sestina
sings her favorite childhood song--"Joy to the World."
She laughs [not knowing the meaning of irony], her face
wrinkles, cheeks full like the moon tonight, pale and white
as her skin. She now hears his footsteps as the lights
slowly spill onto him, giving him color.King of the streets.

Tony comes close, gives her a hug, and kisses her face.
Pulling away, he smirks, revealing teeth capped with white
crowns. "So, how did it go tonight, my sweet baby Sestina?"
She takes them out of her purse.The sight immediately lights
his mud brown face. Tony pockets them, leaving her in the
with a single green, her only living father in this world.

Listening to Tony's footsteps as he strolls away, Sestina
remembers her father's shoes, black like volcanic glass.
She lights
another cigarette, but only to let it burn. The smoke
circles her face her face
as she smiles at the moon, wondering if an existing world
occupies the tiny dot. But as the cigarette's burning white
skin peels to an end, she's ready, again, to lap the