little pig does poetry
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2004-05-06 08:06:24 (UTC)

Poetic Dailogue

Do you know the higher purpose of a pen?
I hear they say there was a day when people
took it up their butts for joy and pleasure.

That's fuckin' sick.
And would you stop talking
like that?

How dare thee speak to me in such harsh ways?
I shall punish thee with my black pen!
Spread open, wench! and endure my wrath!

What did you call me?!
Alright. You ain't getting nothin'

Wait! Don't be so quick to pick your side!
I only kid you, sweet love, my dove
of endless light and brighter beauty.
Please, let my deepest apologies--

God damn it!
How am I suppose to accept anything
from you
when you talk that way?
It's like I'm talking to Shakespeare's
gay lover!

What did you say? What did you say, wench!
Thou speak of no sense, and they senseless self
shall pay for it! Get on your knees, and turn
over, my tempered passion will make you burn!

Asshole! Alright, forget this shit.
I'm torching your damn poetry crap.
And hey--
Thou shalt not wait long, Love,
to see MY rage and wrath!