the entries
2004-05-06 08:06:13 (UTC)

want some action

another day. i was kinda just drifting around the clock.
but i kinda pissed of a guy today. and another guy
yesterday. im a bit menacing lately. its real fun. see if
they'll fight.
i dont plan to get in to a fight, but im not sure how much
i'd care if i did at the moment.
some times you need to adventure for abit of fun.
bloody school. bloody friends. a fela at school has such
a pretty lass after him and his got a girl while i sit
single, hoping she'll notice me, bastard! he's a good
friend though. not selfish and he'll complement an
acheivement. for a change.
no one in this f'n town will say good work. well some
most people are so rapt up in them selfs they dont give
a shit about others. like one of my closest friends. he
knows i make movies and stuff so when i ask him how
his music is doin he'll go on for hours about it and wont
care to ask ever how my movies going. he hasnt even
asked for a look at any of movies.
my other mate, the bastard i mentioned earlier's great
though. we do training to gether once a week from 3.30
to 8.30. its mad. we spar, restle, arm bars, wepons,
what ever.
its good to have a friend who realy cares. his girl
cheated on him not long ago. they didnt break up
though. i love dedication. i hate just ending things. its
hard for me to give up. you gotta fight sometimes. the
trick is to know when not to. like some of the dick heads
at school who wont let a single coment go by without
wanting to get into a fight. wankers.
well that'll do.
see ya.

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