mY sToRy
2004-05-06 02:24:22 (UTC)

mY tWiN...

AHHH DORKY DEVON!!! !the coolest of them all (besides me
of coarse))
haha this chick is the most coolest besides her twin me
and you only wish you were as cool as her but your not so
o well hahhaha yeah well she also is a CHRISTAN and has
JESUS in her HEART and thats awesome!!!!! you should all
come to our church cause its the bomb diggity ok
ok ok glad we got that all cleard!!! dorky and braty(thats
devon and me for all the dumb ones) have been through alot
alot alot from good and bad were still awesome friends!!!!
man all i got to say is devons the best and so am i!!!
iN hIm!!

^^i LoVe ThAt BrOoKe, sHe Is So AwEsOmE, aNd DeFiNAtLy ThE
beSt, LoL, lOv YoU!!!

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