mY sToRy
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2004-05-06 01:31:20 (UTC)

I sTiLl LoVe HiM aNd Im StAnDiN sTrOnG...(PoEm)

ThIs I wRoTe FoR cOwIe, ShE wRoTe Me ThIs EmAiL aNd It HaD
a LoT oF pOwErFuL wOrDs Of hOw ShE fElT, aNd I lIkE uSeD
heR wOrDs AnD pUt tHeM tOgEtHeR iN a PoEm, Ah So KoOl,
LoL, HErE iT iS...

I sTiLl LoVe HiM aNd Im StAnDiN sTrOnG

Every time I see him
Everyday I hope
That I will get him back
‘Cus I don’t know if I can cope

I can’t survive any longer
It is crushing me inside
Crying wont get him back
Believe me I have tried

He’s talking to that other girl
And it hurts that that used to be me
I love him so much
But that he cant even see

I don’t know why I love him
More than anyone I have loved before
It’s just how my heart goes
I just love him so much more

Every time a sad song comes on
I just think about him and me
And how he was all mine
I just love how it used to be

He hates for me to like him
And that really breaks my heart
Because if I was in control
I would never let us drift apart

Even though I see him everyday
I still miss him so much
It makes me want to fall down and cry
Because he gives my life a special touch

I still stare at him in class
And sometimes he glances in my eyes
But I know it will never be the same
Because he’s the one that never tries

I wish he could get inside my body
And feel all the hurt I feel right now
Because every time I see him
My heart goes up and down

When he is sad
I am the same
And when he is mad
I feel I am the one to blame

I just cannot stop loving him
If I could I would
He doesn’t even care how I feel
And I think he defiantly should

I’d rather be his friend
Than nothing
But I want to be his girlfriend
And have everything

I can never stop liking him
Even if he is a jerk to me
Because he is a great guy
And a special one is what I see

Nobody gets how I feel
And nobody ever will
I’m just trying to climb
This steep and endless hill

He is probably having
The best time of his days
While I’m sitting here crying
And loving him always

I guess dreams never come true
Because I have been dreaming for awhile
Crying for hours
And running a full mile

I’m going around in circles
Not knowing where I will end up
Because I never thought we would end
I never thought we would break up

But it happened
I guess I was wrong
But I still love him
And I’m going to stand strong

**hOpE yOu LiKe It CoWiE, lOv Ya... *By DeVo, No StEaLiNg*