Joronas Temnra

2004-05-05 23:35:42 (UTC)


Dragon and phoenix. My protector and myself.

I call to the dragon when I seek comfort.
I shelter under scaled wings when danger seems to overwhelm.

But I live in flame, never fearing the heat.
I call on fire when I must fight.

But I vanish into mist when I must hide,
Disappear into river or forest to become invisible.

I walk in woods I have not seen in months, and I do so
without moving. I cast my thoughts and am safe in my home,
not of brick and stone, but of grass and tree and running water.

I close my eyes and I can touch another's mind, know them.

Am I human, or some elemental thing in human skin? I look in
a mirror and can feel the power flowing from the world
through me, back into the world.

I dwell in magic, walk in a world of magic.. and so many do
not know the world my footsteps fall in even exists.