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2004-05-05 22:29:04 (UTC)

Having no Power SUCKS!

Well, Vanguard's annual Awards Night was last night. I got
an award from ROTC. Captain gave all 4 year seniors a book.
There was a reception after the awards. Oh man...the food
was sooo good! yum! fruit, crackers, cheese, peperoni,
creme puffs, and CAKE!!! YUMMM!

Today was an early release day (we don't have Half-days
anymore) when I got home at 1:30 the power was out. so I
took a nap because I couldn't do any of my chores. When I
woke up the power was still out. and it was really hot
without any AC so I went to my mom's house to watch TV and
eat some food. yum (can you tell i LOVE food?) Then at 3:30
I went back to my house and the power was STILL out. so I
called my dad to tell him. he told me to call the power
company. They said they wouldn't turn our power back on
until my dad paid the bill. so I called him and told him
and he FLIPPED out because he paid. so he called and the
Bank had switched his account numbers around on accident.
so then finally the power got turned back on and we had AC
again! whoo-whoo!

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