The weird and wonderful things...
2004-05-05 22:03:17 (UTC)

Le radio!

Heylo! i was on the radio crazy is that?! lol
and more than 1ce! 107.9 clan Fm! yass a wee good radio
station btw! :o)!

At first i was txtin in for the "wednesday tone question"
and i said n he read out ma name n said i got it right so
yas! :-)! hehe..then they foned up ma mob n i was actually
on the radio so Brian *radio guy* could tell me i got it
right..and he kept calling me 'sienad' so i corrected him n
was telling him its pronouced 'shona'..! n he was reading
out how ya spell ma name n stuff! n sayin it was crazy n
stuff :-P! then he told me i was in the "hall of fame" oh
yeah! LoL!

Then i txtd him jus there and i got mentioned again :-
)..the brainteaser question was..

My mate stayed at my house at the the morning i
got up and chapped her door and asked her a question..i
knew she was lying when she said yes..what was the question?

So i txtd in saying..he asked her if she was asleep..n it
was rite again n he read out "crazy spelling seonaid from
Ek!" yass! in the "hall of fame" 2ce! yas! :-p!

Leeshas internet is broken..she thinks shes got the virus
thing that affected 1 million ppl in the world so her inet
is fucked! so anyone who reads my diary and Leeshas now u
know why Leesha aint made an entry in her diary for a
bit..anyhoo! am gonna go...!

- x adios x -