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2004-05-05 21:50:33 (UTC)

I did something Bad!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah..................Daniel and Sandy maybe going to break
up. I felt so sorry about them. If not because of me, they
won't be together; if not because of me, they won't
breakup. Now, I always see them cry and upset about each
other, God, tell me what I can do.............. I don't
want to see them like that, my heart felt so bad.

Sandy~ I don't know what I can tell you, I can only give
you some advices, but don't take it too serious thou
because you are the one who make your own final decision.
you have confidence on him or not
do you two understand each other well
do you feel happy to be with him
do you have pressure to be with him or does he give you
any pressure
do you feel comfortable of safe to be with him
the main reason you two get together
what you get from him
how much you love him
how much you hate him or feel ignore of him
what's your own decision that you made
Daniel~ I don't know what I can do for you because you
seems don't want me to involve in it again, right? But I
want to tell you one thing, don't cry that much, will not
be handsome than before, get it? Also, don't think too much
about sad things and don't figure ways to hurt yourself
when you get the result. I know you won't come here because
I didn't tell you about this Diary, and I don't think you
will feel interest in it. Anyway, I just write what I want
to say and what I think.