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I'm a Lone Ranger
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2004-05-05 15:34:03 (UTC)

Been A While

Yeh, well as the title suggests, I aint wrote in a while.
Not much drastic changed, apart from wednesday is now
officially Meet Andy day. Altho Mum doesn't actually say
this we all know it is. Again, it's fucking me up in the
head. I feel alone, I have no one to talk 2. Not about
this, I'm the one thats always happy and jokey amongst my
friends. No one technically takes me seriously.
Anotherthing, my friend ("as a joke") keeps calling me
lesbian (she dnt know about my recent thoughts). So now I
have to put up with lesbian jokes from everyone and it
fucking hurts. Espesh cause it's quite a confusing time
for me at the mo. My birthday coming up, the 20th. Not
looking forward, no party (exams) no presents cos its
driving lessons and I can't start till summer. ALL
FUCKING BRILLIANT! Can u tell I'm in a good mood? Anyway
that's all for now. I'm just gonn asit here with my
thoughts, am I turning Bi? Is my mum fucking someone
other than my dad, as we speak? It's all getting to me.
I can't be Bi tho, it's kinda agenst my religion I think
(christian) and if mum was, then it would tear me up
inside. Anyway, I'm off! I dnt speak to Mark properly
anymore, either.
Bye x

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