Diary of an American Witch
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2004-05-05 07:57:15 (UTC)

3 by 5

Im writing you to get you up on places Ive been.........

So I need to do an update.

I did get a new car, the payments on which are more than
reasonable, and the final moving of stuff into the new
place is this weekend. Jesus, it took forever to get the
people that used to live there out! And they left the
place in complete sty mode. If my enemies could see me Im going to be living in a trailer, with
three old cars rusting in the front yard, and grass as tall
as a four year old.
You wonder why I laugh, well, it's mostly because I never
thought Id ever not care. Who gives a crap what my front
lawn looks like, Im going to be living with the man I love!
And come June, Cory and I will have three months to get it
cleaned up anyway. Won't be that hard, haul the cars, mow
the grass blah blah blah. Anyway, Im starting a support
group for women at work, nice turnout already, actually,
for women who have issues about sex due to the abuses of ex
boyfriends and husbands. Jeeze, I always thought It was
just me who had a problem with sex because of the
mistreatment by my ex's, but Im finding out very
differently. More on that later.

And so ends the update

Happy thinking

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