shifting mists
2004-05-05 05:41:44 (UTC)

peace... [written March 3rd 2004]

Sadness is a PlaguE upon my souL.
It eats upon my heart and Riddles holeS through my MinD
like crashing waves upon rocK.

Someday it will consume me WholE and I will not return but
RidE it into oblivioN.

Someday I will rip my Insides ouT to grace the walls of my
Padded celL in streaks of red and Clumps of goO.

Words will flow from my LipS in an incantation of screaming
VulgaritY as doctors look on through Shadowed glasS like
children with a Magnifying glasS playing with antS.

And it will be in this timE,
In the slowly Trickling waterS of my LifE gone by that I
will for once truely be deaD.

The mind having separateD,
Severed itself from the body to sit AlonE,
Grey matter seeping fluid to be absorbed by soapy Blood
soaked ragS.

Maybe then I will feel peace...