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2004-05-05 00:36:25 (UTC)

Losen it all together

I fucken hate this shit. Every time somethen i think is goen
right someone always hasta come along and fuck it up. why
cant somethen just go right in my life? Damn... just stay
the fuck out of my business. I did have fun atleast during
the day, even though im still sick. but its straight. I got
to see Justin. yeah that was some funny shit. No more
racing! lol. No more bumper. My mom asked me bout it today.
and i said i didnt know. HEHEHE. It wasnt me it was you
anyways. lol. It wasnt marie that fucked everyting up
either, it was just her mom, so now i cant use the car for a
mounth, talk on the phone, go online unless its for
homework, or go out for like a mounth. How fucked up? ohh
yeah and the most of all I can't go to shelby forest. Which
is shitty. I dunno what im gonna do now. I cant go over
there. So your gonna have to come see me. and that as well
is impossible. So i dunno. Its all fucked up. Erika, i think
paul is scared. All i said was i was gonna cut off his dick
if he touched you cuz your mine. I'm not selfish. He called
you. lol. Did you see the messed up convo. bout if he fucks
wit you, then ill cut off a inch of his dick? lol. So i
really dont think he'll be fucken up any time soon, unless
he wants to be inchless. heheh. WOW marie, Thomas went by
fast. Now what you gonna do? Thats kinda shitty though if
you think bout it. But hey thats the way life goes i guess.
What are we gonna do? We both arent allowed in Shelby
Forest. Damn. And all cuz of your mom. What the fuck. I dont
ever want our parents to talk ever again, how many times has
she doen this to me now? like 3 or 4? damn. lol. Well i feel
really sick. And my gay brother needs the phone @ 9 to call
his bitch ass gurlfriend(no offense). So im bout to get the
hell out. Im gonna go take a shower, and get into bed and
dream about dishes,(HEHEH) Damn its been along time since iv
done the dishes! Shit happens. thank god we have a half day
tomarrow. I wounder if ill get to go to justins? hopefully,
but reality, probably not though. hit me back wit some
comments people. Gonna go hop in the shower, yes you can
join. But Erika, gets the soap. HEHEHE. Love ya guyz