Ramblings of a Mom
2004-05-04 21:13:58 (UTC)

Trying Again

Here we are, less than an hour later, and I am trying
again. The baby is in the bouncy seat right next to me,
watching me, the older son is eating Jell-O for snack, and
I am going to try this again! LOL!
Okay, back to hubby dearest and the story of my 'stupid'
brother. My Mom calls, in a panic, asking for our help.
She's mad and feels that my brother has been slacking on
his medication again and has now had yet another seizure at
work. She can't and won't leave to go sit by his side
while he is checked out at a hospital, yet again, and my
Dad definitely doesn't need to get out (he's still using a
walker). So, my husband and I need to figure out how to
get him home. Here's the problem, if he's not taking his
meds again, I have no respect for him nor do I want to see
or talk to him. It aggravates me, I understand that he has
a seizure disorder (so therefore it is not just medically
controllable all of the time), but he has the choice to
take his meds every day. That's generally all that it
takes! My husband goes to get him and takes him home.
Sunday morning we go to breakfast (becoming quite regular),
he gives me flack for saying that I don't have any socks (I
don't) and that he is going to take me to Wal-Mart before
church and that he is buying so I should go get myself some
socks. So, that is what we do. Last weekend when he
didn't go to church, they announced that this Sunday they
were having an Administrative Board meeting and I didn't
share this with my husband. I figured that if I did, he
wouldn't want to go. We show up at church earlier than
usual and walk right into the Board meeting. It was
actually pretty interesting. After the meeting, he knew
that I already was aware of the meeting being scheduled and
he asked me why I didn't tell him about it. I told him
that if I had told him, he would figure out a way not to
go. He tells me that I need to stop assuming things. Okey
We come home, he finishes the deck, it's so coooool! No,
it's not big, only 8 x 10', but it's ours, and he built
it! Then the older son comes home. Wellll, SOS, he comes
home with an attitude towards us (as usual after
visitation). We are trying to just muddle through it
without responding to it and my husband asks my son to go
outside with him. I go outside just to see what they were
up to, and my husband had gone outside to clean up things a
bit and to put his crane back down from the back of his
service truck (he used it to move the base of the deck over
to the front of the house). He calls Tyler over, and this
is something that Tyler constantly asks about. He teaches
Tyler how to operate it and has him lower it. All I could
do was watch and smile. What an amazing man he is and how
cool is this relationship that he has with my older son.
gotta run, baby's fussing again.

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