goddess of imaginary light
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2004-05-04 19:06:14 (UTC)


so, may 4th, the last nand i mean LAST day
of school this year...ah, and of course i skipped my
classes...grr, finals will be quite interesting

but i have a meeting with the lady from UNR, who
wants to discuss my consequences for being drunk on campus
or i should say being CAUGHT by those goddmaned nazi's who
did the same exact thing when they were my age
Im gonna fight it, i mean FUCK ive already gone to court,
Im doing community service, i dont need them on my ass now
What are they gonna say..."we have to kick you out of the
dorms" well go afuckinhead lady! im movin out this week
i mean jesus christ, im 20...what does one year make a
difference! oh well, i guess i just have to get it over
massive studying this week OF COURSE.
ive gotta finish this book for CRJ, and wriet a paper on
it by Thursday. Ive been reading this book about prisons
for too long that i drempt about it! Then WT and Span and
Fri. then Stat on Mon. Stat and Span will be
hell...especially Stat...i havent gone in so long. I am
gonna fail that test :( and my parents are gonna kill me.
chop me up into little pieces and feed me to the coyotes.
theyre already upset with more for everything else i do
that they dont approve of.

Ive got to move out on Friday, Ive already transferred
alot of the stuff to the house, but i still have so much
to move! this makes me realize that i have an assload of
crp that i dont even need. This summer im gonna go through
my things and throw out the shit!

bad news, brandons dad died, i tried to call him but of
course he didnt answer and will most likely never call me
back...hmmmm, i thought i wanted that
i just wanted him to know i was sorry.....for everything

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