this thing called life
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2004-05-04 16:26:48 (UTC)

Wow, where'd the time go

So, its has been 2 and a half years since I last made an
entry to this thing! What the hell? Seems like just a few
months ago. It sucks getting older because the time seems
to by faster and faster! I guess all of those pesky
reminders about me not updating my diary finally paid off,
cause here I am.

A lot has happened over that 2 years (obviously), too much
to try and document in one entry. If I'mg committed to
this thing, I'll be coming back more often to put down my
thoughts. I've been thinking a lot more about stuff and
feel like this is a good outlet for me. I have a regular
old-fashioned journal, but my handwriting is so bad, I
don't use it either.

I'll start with a couple of major things then see where it
goes from there: First, dating continues to be a big
mystery to me in that, I date lots of girls but cant seem
to find one that really captures my attention. Second, I'm
gonna be freakin' 40 years old in 6 months! The thing that
really sucks about that is that I'm only 10 years from 50! about flyin time! Third, my little girl is
growing up....she turned 8 about two months ago, had her
first communion last week. Jesus H, she'll be dating
before I know it. Fourth, I don't know what's
fourth...I'lll have to give that some though ;-)