2004-05-04 02:53:57 (UTC)

busy bee (LoL)

mm today... i woke up w/ a horrible migrain.. didn't wnat
to go to school but considering the fact i have ZERO parent
notes left, i had to go. i felt like shit all day, and then
after school i had to stick around till 3:30 and take my
damn vocab test. it was really ahrd to cheat too bc i was
the only person in the classroom so ms dawson had her cat
eyes on me the whole time! after my test, i went
to "practice" where Varsity was w/o a coach, so we played
for about ohhh 30 min (and we were far from serious) and
then just left, lol. after practice i drove ALL the way
home and then had to turn around and leave 45 min later bc
we had one last volleyball game. we had to play conners 3rd
place team. well, that team had some of their actual vball
players on it, and then 3 random guys. well, all the guys
were like 6 feet tall, so they could spike. in the first
game, this really really ugly kid, he had horrible teeth
and bad hair, ew so nasty... well anyway, he spiked it and
i didn't have enough time to react, and yup, got one right
in the kisser. that sure as hell "helped" my migrain... so
i felt like poo the rest of the game. but we ended up
losing, they were both very close games, but the awesome
part about it was that we had so much fun!! logan kept
running up to the net yelling and acting stupid, which
threw off the other team. half the points we could barely
pay attention bc we were all cracking up so hard!!! but
then we had to listen to aj and "stop having fun" lol
RIIIGHT... the f'er was laughing himself!! than after
volleyball i went to the tanning bed and then drove home
hoping to run, but my dad needed my help putting up the
mailbox. i got to use the saw and hammer nails into wood
pieces! i was so proud of myself!! i got done helping him
at like 10, and then i came in... tomorrow we have to
finish the mailbox and then set up the big screen "system"
and the stereo equipment. when am i going to have freakin
time to get my own shit around here straight... geez!! well
that brings me to the present... and here i am, writing in
my diary... i have officially run out of things to blab on
about, so i am going to bed... sweet dreams!

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