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2004-05-03 22:53:17 (UTC)

first entry 5/3/04

hey guys!! well this is my first entry and it will be
short... i have tried many other times to write in this but
it kept erasing!! well anyways i am in our new apartment
now.. i just moved out of my house and we moved into an
apartment because our new house is being bulit.. and this
thing is soo small!!! o well i get the computer in my room
lol well today this guy nick gave me this bracelet thing..
it was a kind of funny story ... o well i dont feel like
typing it. i like this guy zach right now and i havent
talked to him since like 2 days ago.. lol he lives in
memphis and i miss him!!! we umm love eachother?? lol well
i cant wait to see him june 9th or 10th and i cant wait to
see lindgay either!! haha i miss her!!! ok well i better go
before my computer kicks me off!! i will ttyl !! bye!!
~ tay

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