Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-05-03 21:02:20 (UTC)


Day 2 in the studio:
All the bass is down and we started guitars but only after
an hour or 2 of hearing different guitar sounds, and our
ears going bad. We were only able to get a few tracks done
then we gave up. Hopefully next Sunday will be more
fruitful than this one. It was a good time though…more
pizza, more friends, a lot of pictures taken, and of course
one more day closer to having a finished album.

The rest of the weekend was as follows:
Went to our show, played a show, went to a bar, got called
fag a lot, spent too much money, and got really tipsy.

Was late to baby-sit, babysat, hung with Lex, ate with
family, drove to Shaunna’s, took nap, hung with Katelyn,
Shannon, and Jeremiah, and then slept.

Things I have learned:
I spend too much money, I need more sleep, I need more
Jesus, and I need less alcohol.

CD: Muse / Absolution (I don’t want to like them but I
should…and after 3 listens I do)
Movie: Birdcage (it’s a classic I bought it)
Book: I try to read…lately it’s been journey to the center
of the earth but I can’t ever get too far…no time…and I
have ADD