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2004-05-03 18:43:43 (UTC)

Hey, sorrie i didnt write back..

Hey, sorrie i didnt write back after the movie, i went to
alloras. it was only like 12:00 when we got back to
alloras, it was weird, it felt like it should have been
later or something. i had an interesting talk with allora
and richelle when we got back to alloras. It was about Ian,
there for no good came from it. They like both ganged up on
me and were saying stuff like hes controlling and hes
possessive and stuff like that and that they dont think its
a good relationship and shit. then Richelle had the nerve
to say that she liked him (as a friend), like ya, really
seems like you like him alright, saying a whole bunch of
shit like that. Then they actually asked me if he ever hit
me, and i said no, and they were like are you lieing, would
you tell us if he did. and shit like that so ya, now
Richelle and allora think that Ian is controlling and
possessive, and on
top of that they think he hits me, which he so doesnt. I
would love to be able to say if he did i would leave him
and all that i would love to say the first time he ever
hits me, that second im gone, but i cant say it and mean
it, beacause i honestly think that if he ever hit me i
wouldnt leave him, it sounds so stupid, like the simplest
thing in the world, i guy hits you you leave, but i dont
think i would. just because i love him and i wouldnt want
to loose him. I dont even know why he is with me, he is so
much better then me and he deserves so much more then me,
more then i can ever give him or be for him. he derserves
someone like Richelle. Sometimes i get so mad at them both,
they have this thing, they always talk, and i feel like
Richelle knows Ian better then i do, and i sometimes feel
like Ian is trying to steel her away from me, like he wants
her to be his best friend, and i dont know its just the two
of them, me and richelle always had this connections this
thing where it was like we didnt even have to say anything
the other just knew, how we felt, what to say everything
like that, and now it seems like Ian and Richelle have that
more then me and Richelle do. but whatever, i guess im just
over reacting. so ya. im gunna go now, i have to find a
cloth or something and clean up.
Forever fading: Meagan. R

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