My Diary
2004-05-03 11:16:03 (UTC)

First come, first in

May 3,2004

While preparing for my move to Australia to start a year
and a half full time study life, a thing that I promised
myself and my mother which I have to go through all all
the stuff that I current have at home and try to sort out
what I really want to keep or throw.

Without suprises, I have many many memorable letters,
cards, pictures, souvenirs,T-shirts, books and even
dairies from my time living in the US. Those memorable
things reminds me once again how many years have gone by
and when I wasn't really aware of how many things that
I've kept over the years.

Six years living in the US will remind as an important
period of my life. I don't regret about the past, I do
however wonder why I didn't leverage all the treasure time
that I had in the past and appreciate more for the people
and friends that were around. I didn't make an exact
count, I have a huge stack of Birthday cards which I
received from friends on the birthdays that I had while
living in the US. Many of those with nice and sweet
memories. How many of them I am still keeping in touch?
and how many of them I was ablel to realize and apprecaite
their friendship. As much as I don't want to, I wish time
could go backwards and I could live the life in the US
once again.

Jason, a guy that I dated for seven years is going to get
married in early June this year. I used to say many mean
things to him , basically to discourage him as a person
and try to get him to give up on our relationship. We
offiically broke up in 2000. Funny to say that, I now
realize that how much effort that he had put on me . I
read through some of the letters that he wrote me in the
past, I regret that I did not have the abilitiy to
understand what he was trying to say back then. NOW, I can
see and I can feel. Perhaps, I am a little bit late... no,
very late. I wish him the best, but in my own selfish
self, I wish time could go back and we could start all
over again.

Well, time to move on as I said to myself and some close
friends. Should I really live witht the past ? The answer
is absolutely NO, but we can use the past as reference and
learn things from the past.

Therefore, I've decided to live positively in life and
treasure things as much as I can. It is always easy to say
and hard to do though.

It is getting warm and hot in Hong Kong. Suddenly, I know
I am going to miss Hong Kong while away living in