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2004-05-03 05:18:10 (UTC)

the fond pond

everyone in europe seems to be cool
everyone in europe at least seems to think they're cool
theyve all got really nice haircuts and they make really
great expressions on their faces that never seem to be
captured by photographers...not in the right way anyway.

have you ever noticed how easy it is to wonder when youre
driving in your car...especially to a place where you have
been a zillion times before, a place that constitutes auto
pilot. auto pilot is great ammunition for wonderers.
---today i wondered how i ever got home. i remember leaving
and arriving, but the entire middle was filled with deep
thinking...and well...listening to phantom planet and
pretending i was on the OC---

i realize during said drive that i am incredibly selfish
because, in my mind, when im alone, nobody exists but me.
not even the other drivers that zig zag their lives away.
no one is living when theyre not around. like al...on
quantum leap. great show.

im great at wanting things i cant have.
and even better at not realizing the great stuff thats
right...there...and there...and over there.

and not so great at saying 'screw you, get outta here, you
nasty memory' somehow i always remember the clothes i was
wearing. the clothes i was wearing when i went thump thump
thump. thump. once more for good measure.

i have to go now because the room is bored to death and is
threatening to cave in and end it all. and ill play a song
that makes me think of you...and you should do the same.
that way, we'll both be alive at the same time. finally.

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