u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-05-02 23:11:01 (UTC)

...cant think of a title

well today i went to maine....for my cuz's b-day party. it
was fun, paul is most likley going to dc...i feel like i
want to cry about it and be sad..but i cant. its jus thast
it hasnt completley even hit me as a reality, like my mind
refuses to believe it until i see a moving van. even if he
does go, it isnt the end of the world, cuz he can come up
and visit me (when he gets his ass a CAR) and i will
definatly go down to my aunt and uncles house in baltimore
and visit him during the summer. and then after that one
year he is guna b goin off to college. w/e im not guna
stress it, i just wanna enjoy every last minute i have
left with him before he has to go. whatever happnes not the most religious person in the world,
but i do believe that things happen for a reason, and what
is ment to be will be....and now i jsut sound like my
shrink....ahhh speaking of her i have to go c her tomorro
and BOY do i have a shitload to tell her! all this court
confusion is driving me insane! im probly not guna have a
trial, and his ass will jus b shipped back to africa (im
not jus being racist, hes really going to africa)
i cant wait till saturday!!!!! its going to be soo much
fun! but everyone from my moms side of the family is
coming down b4 for pictures and a cookout that my FATHER
has just planned my mom is totally against it. if i had a
dollar every time i heared her say "but it isnt HER prom,
its HIS" i would make howard trump look like a hobo. but
anywayze, im out ill write bak lata mucho luvre mi amigos!

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