2004-05-02 19:28:22 (UTC)

Beaver Boys

John and I went to Corvallis this afternoon and saw both of
our Beaver boys. Gavin was working but we saw him just as
he was finishing so we gave him a ride home. We'd brought
his old track shoes which he said he wanted as he wants to
do some running when he has the time. We brought Owen a
cheese slicer, as requested, and a quilt. I kept his Trip
Around the World quilt as I want to show in the quilt show
in a couple of weeks but I brought him a Four Patch he can
use in the meantime.

We went to the library to pick up our books on hold, did the
recycling, stopped at Goodwill (didn't find anything worth
getting), had dinner and came home. They're repairing a
bridge on American Drive starting on Monday and that road
will be closed for an entire week. There are alternate
routes to Corvallis but that's our usual one so we probably
won't go to their direction again this week unless we go
Albany first and take the highway into Corvallis.