2004-05-02 06:51:23 (UTC)

dont build

yes. yeah you are way important to me. but once again i
feel like clouds have parted.
You are wonderful and there is def. something about you
and you are one of my closest friends/ one of the 6 most
important people in the world to me. (after 3 spaces taken
for my immediate family and 2 for girls)
but i dont want to build one person up to this imaginary
place. I mean, sometimes you just dont call kind of things
that keep you human and imperfect. and that's ok to be
you know because it doesnt mean you dont amaze me
sometimes. it just means i dont want to create a fictional
you and blur reality.
so yeah.

i was just talking to another one of my guy friends.. it's
crazy having the capacity to care for someone that much. I
dont even mean romantically. i just want him to find love
and peace u know..

well. tiredness is telling me its time to leave.