2004-05-02 03:52:00 (UTC)


My day it was kinda shitty... Got up... like always i
couldnt sleep cuz im hella sick, took a shower like alwayz,
went to maries. Went to Shelby Forest to get Justin. Steve
called thhe cops which is kinda messed but w.e. Then i had
to go to work. Work was iight until 6. Cuz Justin forgot
bout me again. But its straight though, he'll pay for it
later. Even tho hes sorry and shit. But w.e And now im home
sick and tired, but i cant sleep. So im up. Nothing new my
way just chillen. Well thats my day and yeah nutten
interesting, but when somethen cool comes along you'll know
bout it. I HATE danielle Taylor why the fuck did Toco Bell
hire her sorry ass. Now i dont wanna work there. My life
sux. but its mine. `

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