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2004-05-02 03:14:46 (UTC)

the movie

Hey sorrie i havent written in a reallie long time, but i
just moved back in with my mom a little while ago, and i
have the internet hooked up here now too so i will be able
to write alot more. So richelle and allora phoned me a
little while ago, i guess it was about an hour and a half
or so ago, and they asked me if i wanted to go to the
movie 'taking lifes' then they asked me if Ian was going
implying that it was okay ( or at least thats how i
interpeted it, maybe im just crazy) so ya, i asked him then
i told them ya he was going and they were like okay. so
they phoned me back like five minutes ago and said that
there was no room and that the original plan was to have
this just a girls night anyways and they didnt want Ian to
go, so ya whatever, then allora asked me if i was still
coming or if i wanted to stay home with Ian, and i said
that i would stay home and allora said okay bye and she
didnt even let me say bye and she hung up on me. like rude
much. then richelle phoned me back and was all like, aww
your not going, why, you have to come its a girls night.
then she said that i should because i havent been there for
her at all since Aaron broke up with her. like im sorrie
that they broke up and i know how much she is hurting
but she had no right to say that to me cause i have been
there for her, its just i have stuff going on too i cant
just drop everything on a seconds notice. so ya
whatever, im going to the show. i have to go now, i still
have to find a shirt to wear. i will write when i get back
from the movie.
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