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2004-05-02 03:02:40 (UTC)

Secret Location

yes, its official. i am done with apartments! we moved into
our new house this wednesday. and i have absolutely NOTHING
unpacked. wednesday night i had a tennis match AND
volleyball so i didn't get home until 9. so i putzed aroudn
that night and didn't get any unpacking done bc i went to
bed at 10.. i was pooped! thursday i had another tennis
match and didn't get home until 7. BUT i didn't even get to
go to the new house, we were stuck at the apartment
cleaning... 3 hours of CLEANING is no fun what-so-ever. so
yea, i get home that night at 10, and once again im
exhausted because i haven't had a nap in a whole f'ing
week. so yea... then friday, i dont even go home after
school, i go straight to work, and work 3-9. i get home at
9:30, unpack neccessary things, and hit the hay, i was
dead... then i wake up today at 10:30 and help my dad for
like 45 min setting up the new comp table. it is so cute!
lol and then i had to get ready for work, i worked 12-4 and
it was alright, i had fun once natilie and lindsey came in,
they are hilarious! lol, um, then i went straight from work
to babysitting. i was supposed to babysit 4pm-1am but mike
came home at 9 w/ a migrain so he sent me home, so my $70
night was turned into a $35 night, damnit.... oh well, i
have the house to myself bc my parents are at Beltera w/
the extended family. yea, it blows, sat night and im at
home. well, that could be due to the fact that everyone
hates me.. muh haha, or it could be bc no one knows how to
get a hold of me. ONE no one knows where i live (on purpose
thank you :) TWO no one knows my new phone number (once
again, i did this for a reason) THREE my cell phone is a
piece of shit, the antenna broke off, so i dont get any
service, people could be trying to call me, but i wouldn't
know. FOUR i haven't had the net for like a week, so i
haven't talked to my friends outside of school. ya know
what, im pissed, i could have gone to see mean girls
tonight w/ a big grouop of girls from school but NOOO i had
to babysit but then NOOO they came home early, f'ers messed
up my whole night! oh well, its 11 and i've been home for
like 2 hours and i odnt have any unpacking done STILL lol,
and i have to get up early tomorrow bc mom and i are going
to the tanning bed before i work till 6... grrr im toooo
busy... i need a f'ing break! im soooooo stressed!