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2004-05-01 20:02:21 (UTC)

Is the problem solved??? (4/30/04)

Today I sent msn to Daniel; I asked him if he has a chance
to change something that’s done, what he wants to change. I
kept this question in my mind for a long time, I don’t know
how to ask him; actually I can say I don’t know should I
ask him since we are not friends anymore. Every time when I
saw him, I felt so uncomfortable between him and me, it’s a
feeling that I don’t know how to tell. When I saw him, I
just want to find a place or hole to hide. It’s seemed to
me that I made an unfair decision to him and he should not
deserve this kind of pain. I’m so confuse of what should I

I’m afraid that I will lose all my friends in the future,
I’m afraid that no one will remember me; I don’t want to be

Tomorrow is SAT, I hope I will do well on it. In here, I
want to say thanks to you all that support me all the times
and encourage me all the times. Especially you, Mom!!!!!

Daniel~ I ‘m glad that you said we can start over and be
friends again, I’m afraid that this will not happen ever. I
didn’t mean to not pick up your phone, I…….. I ‘m studying
for the SAT since the SAT is tomorrow. Actually, you know
what, it’s an excuse. The main thing is, I don’t know what
to say to you when I pick up your phone; also, I’m afraid
to face you, I’m worrying about what I can answer you when
you ask me question. Just give me some time; I think I can
get it over.

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