mY sToRy
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2004-05-01 17:19:03 (UTC)

fRiDaY nIgHt~...

OmG i BaBy SaT thIs 3 yR oLd AnD tHiS 8 Yr Old!! ThE tHrEe
Yr OlD wAs KyLe AnD tHe 8 yR oLd WaS jAcOb! NoW wE wErE
sITtInG tHeRe WaTcHiNg FrEAkY fRiDaY wHeN kYlE jUsT tHrOwS
uP aLl OvEr Me! I mEaN mY fAvOrItE jEaNs WeRe AlL oF a
sUdDeN bRoWn AnD mY sHiRt WaS bRoWn ToO!! i GoT hIm WaTeR,
cLeAnEd HiM uP, aNd GoT hIm A WeT wAsH cLoTh. He WaS
cRyInG aNd ScaReD aNd It WaS hIs BeD tImE, bUt I wAs
AfFrAiD tO PuT hIm AsLeEp CuS hE mIgHt ThRO uP aGaIn, SsOo
I wAitEd FoR aNoThEr 15 mInUtEs AnD hE fElL aSleEp On ThE
cOuCh. i WaS lIkE tHaNk YoU lOrD, sO i PiCkEd HiM uP aNd
cArRiEd HiM tO hIs RoOm AnD aFteR mE hAvInG tO sIt ThErE
fOr 5 mInUtEs BeSiDe Him He WaS fInaLlY sOuNd AsLeEp. i
WaS sO gLaD!! i WaS pRaYiNg To gOD!! lOl, sO aFtEr ThAt It
AlL wEnT fInE, mE aNd jAcOb PlAyEd BaSebAlL mAdE sIgNs
WiTh maRkErS aNd CrAyOnS, hAd A StUfFeD aNiMaL fIGhT, AnD
hAd FuN wItH tHe BeAn BaGs, It WaS fUn WitH hIm, AnD wHeN
hIs MoM cAmE hOmE sHe GoEs... dID eVeRyThInG gO aLrIgHt...
WaS sO fUnNy, shE wAs LiKE iM sSoO sORrY, i WaS lIkE, iTs
OkaY, aNd ShE hanDeD mE 40 BuCkS, i WaS eXpeCtIn 20 AnD
ShE gAvE mE fOrTy, I wAs LIkE aWeSoMe!!! LoL, So FirDaY
NiGhT wAs FuNnY AnD kOoL sO Ya, C yA LaTuR!!!

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