nowhere kid

my hopeless life
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2004-05-01 16:39:51 (UTC)

mr k

mr knisley is the biggest asshole in the world. I can not
wait 2 get the fuck out of there. He is the worst teacher
and he scares little kids and i have never seen so much fat
hang off of one man b4 in my life. I hate him so much. I
dont understand how he could of ever been a priest. I
wonder if he wanted 2 retirer or was forced 2. He has 2
have a freakin comment 4 every fucken thing. I just wanna
scream. None of the teachers like him and mrs lopus is jus
2 afraid 2 kick him out of there bcuz she is afraid 2 admit
that she was wrong 2 have hired them. and i dont kno who
miss perrin think she is tryin 2 push me and yell at me
like she is my mom or teacher.

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