my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-05-01 06:08:06 (UTC)

im about to drop. im too tired. its actually sorta funny half way through lol.

yae so we went down to plymouth to visit my grandparents
and i just got back at 1:30. am... im so sleepy. but i
checked my email and read some journals and had the urge to
post in mine! so here i am. my flippin eye itches. i took
my conacts out on the way back so i could pass out w/o the
fear of them getting stuck ni the back of my eye (ew.
paranoia's...) and then i started talking and that was
useless. altho they were really dry when i took them out
bcuz i kept falling asleep b4 i took them out hahah. wow i
just yawned a massive yawn. so sleepy.
i just put aloe on my burnt last saturday shoulders. they
are starting to peel, regardless of my morning-evening
aloe sessions! im so ticked. well 2morrow ill just get
them tan again. going back to becca's to work in her yard.
*yay for pools*
if it wasnt for that pool i so would not be doing that
crap lol. OH! i forgot y i was mentiong the aloe. when i
was putting it on my shoulders looked so weird i was
getting disgutssted. they look(well i was rubbing my skin
so that it wrinkled...) real old and i was like "AHHH
aging!! no im not that old heaven help me!!" then i laughed
at my stupidity.
i laugh at my self a lot.

last night or maybe this morning i dont remember but i was
talking to ken and i told him that i had come to the
conclusion that i am either an alien. or very odd.
then i laughed.

altho, some people love my odd-ness and randomness. it
gives me charactor. *tear* oh how i love you brad your so
funny. i wish u weren't so rotten. lol. i still love ya.
too bad you wont read this muah ha ha. nor does anyone who
talks to him so.. im fine. that was not a declaration of my
undying love for brad.

opps. maybe it was.

i am so kidding. brad is too short for me(that was a joke
intended for him and him only. of course, i could just be
too tall for him(that was also intended for him bcuz he was
a jerk for saying that jerk jerk jerk.)(i copied u jerk.)
for YOUR information, i LIKE BEING TALL.
models are tall
basketball players are tall(tho i suck at that sport.. eh.
well all sports really.. dont really get the chance to play
thme very often...)
what else? Giraffe's, you say? well thats an odd one but..
ok... giraffes are tall. does that make me a toys*r*us kid??

ah thats enough. thats my post for the um. night or week or
weekend. something. auvoir

"Jolly Green Giant"

maybe i should have dedicated this post to Brad. ok then,
Brad R C. (rc.. like the cola haha how unfortanite.) this
was for you babe. once again oh i love not being read. bcuz
this was my weirdest one ever.