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2004-05-01 05:17:03 (UTC)


Today... It wasnt all that big, it was more boring then
anything. Today i got woken up by an asshole, didnt go to
school, rather skiped school today. Nothing new. Talked to
my sexy slut. I didnt get to see Justin today which is kinda
shitty but again nutten new, I wish i could do the dishes.
There alot of fun. My parents went out all day till round
10. Ofcourse i stayed home and did nothing. I'm still sick
like no other. I never knew that you could touch a frog
while its sleepen and it never wake up. I thought it was
dead. until marie droped the damn thing. lol funny shit. Ohh
marie how's Thomas? lol. Im so tired and sick so im gonna