The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-04-30 22:58:33 (UTC)


heylo! LoL! couldnt think of anything else to call this
entry..its not even midnight yet but hey..i was lookin at
the time n thot..well its almost midnight so yeh! :-) am
talkin pish ... again!

Well i had a lovely day 2day..with the exception of very
sore feeet! Leesha n i went down the centre n went for
lunch 2 The Gallery *omalleys* n it was really nice! then
we went shoppin about the centre for trousers for Leesha n
a top for me..we went round every shop n i didnt get
anything! hmm! i guess am 2 fussy! :-P! ach wells! Leesha
got a lovely top n lovely trousers..! she looks prettee in
them! We got dressed up n i had on ma high boots n ma feet
were the end of the day i was walkin about like a
fuckin gimp! LoL! no wonder ppl were lookin eh?!

2nite i went 2 ma house n got all ma stuff 2gether coz im
at ma dads house staying here 2nite coz i needa
get up at 8.30 in the morning 2 go 2 ma cousins
communion..*groans*..its early! 2 early for a feckin
saturday morning! Anyhoo! am gettin 2 wear ma gorgeous
polka dot shoes for the first time so thats always gotta b
a good thing eh?! :o)!

Lookin forward 2 2moro iv mentioned this again..!
LoL..hav a problem as 2 what 2 wear tho! hmm! ill find out
2moro wen a go home..Emmas stayin at mine after we
mite go wen all get chucked out!

and OMG! HERE!! fuck fuckety fuck! its not
actually that much of a problem since i dont hav a guy or
nuttin..js a pain in the arse for me! grr! :-|!! raging!
ach wells!! shit happens!

Hmm..i need summit cheery 2 talk!
wOoO!..*thinks* i sense a little bit of repition on this
diary..anyhoo! - x adios x -