2004-04-30 17:45:51 (UTC)

an update

getting married. hoping to leave GJ soon. thought process
returing to how it used to be (disgruntled and insatiable)
and i never realized how much i missed music. i've got my
laptop going with *some* old songs but the biggies are
missing. a lot of NIN was lost, as was linkin park, KMFDM,
Powerman, and a bunch others. thinking back to a car ride
with becca I wonder how many more i'm missing. even more so
can i find them again, or has it been too long? when i
can't remember BLack Bomb, something's wrong.

i've got to get started on cleaning and looking for stuff.
hopefully i'll be able to keep things updated a bit more
than before.

of course for that to happen i'd have to slow down. fat
chance of that happening anytime soon.

fuck it all

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