Day Dreams and Reality
2004-04-30 00:01:02 (UTC)

One night...

Its april 29th and i am April Foster
It happened yep I HAD sex......i know i know that
just came out of the blue right...nope. Remember Adam
well i got sick of being the 2nd girl..i went to a party
at one of my friends house's and adam came with me and
some other friends...well i was drunk well buzzin and me
and Adam talked about where our relanshionship stood and i
told him that its friends or nothing....he said he under
stood..thats what i wanted...i think or i just wanted him
to say no no no i want you, dont leave me (lol yeah
right)...well i was mad at him so the last thing i said to
him was "dont worry about it, i am goin back in to the
party and in 10 mins i wont remember you"...he just stood
there with this look on his face and i left...now the guy
i was hangin out with at the party his name was Allen..hes
a great guy and i like him...well we ran out of bear so by
the end of the night i was sober and i stayed the night at
the party...so did allen..he stayed with me....we are
really great friends now and i talk to him all the time we
go to partys together and for him being my first time and
heavin it at a party...i dotn regret any of it...ha ha
funny huh...i dotn think so.....it was perfect...but i
wouldnt think you would think so but it was lol......
i cant wait till this saturday...its prom!!! but
allen cant go (he goes to a different school and has plans
for a consert) but he said he would spend the rest of the
day with me when he got back and next week i am goin to
his house to watch movies lol(i am such a dork)
ohh by the way Adam wont leave me alone he keeps touchin
me like i am goin to give him something...he keeps rubbin
my leg and stuff like that and i just keep walkin away (he
is my best firend but hes got to rememeber that thats all
we are and will ever be)

well i have to go i will keep you up dated