Self harming dyke
2004-04-29 22:20:12 (UTC)


I went to the SISH group in Bristol today. It was really

We were 3 'service users' (me, Lucy and Fiona) and 1
facilitator - an ex-CPN (Susanne).

It was nice and unstressful. I am sure I will be going
there every fortnight... Just wish it was weekly :(

I treated myself to a pizza tonight when I got back and had
the last beer from fridge... but I just purged them :/

Not sure how to feel about that. Not cut though, so maybe
not too serious :#)

Confused about me, my calorie intake, my drinking, my
cutting, my aims.

I didn't get the job yesterday, but I am applying for
another one which looks really fab :)))

Cat x