2004-04-29 22:05:32 (UTC)

Day At Home

I spent the day at home. I washed sheets and
blankets, mopped, dusted and vacuumed, watered tomatoes and
flowers,washed dishes, picked up the mail, went for a walk,
made two pans of cheese chicken enchilidas for the church
dinner on Saturday, took a short nap, read the newspaper,
quilted, knit, sent a get well card to Homer who's
recovering from surgery, talked to a friend on the phone,
swept the front porch, checked my e-mail, wrote a short but
pointed letter to the editor of the weekly newspaper holding
a local elected official accountable for his actions, put
out bouquets of fresh flowers on the dining room table, in
the living room and on my desk,and went to church to say the
rosary for world peace.

That was about it.

Oh, and I heard a bit of news recently. My brother married
his long time fiance. More on that later.