Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-04-29 11:20:16 (UTC)

lusting after the grrl

Yesterday my mind generated the smell of latex and summer air.

It smelled sweet, like new sex. ravenous and pure.

It anchors me in oblivion, and teases the teathers above my
gilded cage.

It wants to let me free, but never wants to let me go,
always the dreamer i am.

Or maybe its just me, perhaps, lost in a cacopony of sight
and sound.

Oh, How I'd like to sink my teeth into her flesh, that white
milky porcelain skin.

Her velvet lips stained a dark red hue, dulled cold and frosted

Gazing into those eros flecked, lascivious windowed colored eyes

With indulgent pleasure, I'd rupture a capillary in her
neck, her collar bone too

sending her into the gasping void of orgasmic thrust,
heaving, panting, demanding

I enjoy the scent of a newly sexed woman, pure, glorious,

like roses, after an early morning rain, a pretty, deadly,
lovely aphrodisiac.

Numbed Jaw, my twisted metal pierced tongue thrusts about
longingly, searching

again, for that lusted, hot, silently pure, place, the
perfect place.

Oh, how I am in a verve, come, take my hand, please

let me slake my thirst, shall I? oh yes, indeed