Umm my diary
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2004-04-29 03:23:09 (UTC)


Man what a DAY!! rite Jordan , Cody adn , Gabby!! hehe!
flat tires we learned are not fun at all!!! well anyways
my day started out at 7*40 when Jordan came and got me, we
went to the school adn he let me take his car so i could
go and pick up Gabby! so I went and got her and then we
came back her and waited to pick up the boyz! well when we
waited for Cody to come the 2 though it would be funny to
leave me and drive around the parking lot...hmm welll i
didnt find it funny but oh well!! i got over it!! so after
a while we went adn got Cody adn we went to teh beach.
that was fun but a lil scary on the pier! the waves were
bigger then the pier adn they were coming over it..i got
soaked! it was alot of fun tho!! so that is allthat
matters! we went to jordans so i could dry my clothes..
well after they were done we wnet to take gabs home.. that
was all fun intilllwe went to Burger King.. as we were
pullign in Jordan didnt see the curb and sorta ran it
over..hehe and then we looked and seen that we had a flat
tire! that was horrible! the people inside were laughing
adn saying how everyone runs it over.. so they put the
spare on adn we decied to go fill it up with air well as
we were driving tothe gas station that one wen tflat!!
ugg!! so we had to walk all the way to the gas station!!
that realyl suxed but then again i was getign exercise so
i was ok with it! well they got it pumped up and it was on
are way home to the exciting BARODA-STEVENSVILLE! hehe. we
dropped Cody off and me and Jordan came back to my house,
that was fun! then he had to leave and i talked to him
onlien for a while then he had to go so i called him but
he was fallin asleep so i let him go.. now im on here
writing in this adn talking to my friends and then to a
friend who i thought was my god damn friend but i was
wrong! he gets all shity with me and tells me that i have
changed and how its good were not freidns anymore..just
cuz i WONT tell him my PERSONAL BUSINESS!! well that is
pretty fucked up if u ask me! so screw u!! i dont wanna be
friends with u if ur gonan be like that!! well im gettin
tired and madder so im gonan go ! layter

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