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2004-04-28 21:46:27 (UTC)

Formal ROTC Inspection

well today was our formal inspection! normally the Area
Manager comes to inspect...but he couldn't make the
CO from UF came to inspect us. I didn't have to stand with
the rest of the platoons because I was commanding the
unarmed drill team. we put on a small performance with
parts taken out of our competition drill routine. it was
cool we originally had 6 cadets on the drill team but 2
dropped yesterday for reasons out of our hands! ugh! so
this morning we changed the routine around to work with 4
people....we actually did really really good! whoo-hoo!
oh my goodness...ONLY 2 1/2 weeks of my senior year in high
school left! that's 12 days of school! I can not believe
that! and only 22 days until graduation...and also 22 days
until i see my dear Adam! man i can't wait to see him. He's
gonna sex me up quite nice. hehe i miss him sooooo much.