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2004-04-28 19:36:06 (UTC)

Another boring day!!!

Hey everyone yes this is just another boring diary entry!!!
We just finished taking another test!!! Me and my bff are
here on the computer in 4th period!! I really miss my
boyfriend! well since this is my diary, then well here's
stuff about me: I have dark brown hair and eyes, i love to
dance and sing, i'm abou 5' 2" and my dad hates me!! I have
tried to kill myself 3 times already but i promised my
boyfriend alex i would stop. amanda is with jenny as usual.
anyways they are all looking at their diarys and stuff.
i'll write l8a when i get home. OMG!! they are playing
guitar again!! It gets on my nerves. there is this girl
melissa and rosanna. melissa sings too loud NO OFFENSE!!
and rosanna i think can't sing at at!!! There's this guy
john who went out with amanda who is also in mariachi with
me!! he is so bad azz and he plays guitar really good. he
talks alot to alex and i think they are kind of best
friends!! well yea i'll let you go or not those peeps are
gonna see what i'm writing!! richard my best guy friend
just came over right now.he is so cool and understands me
comepletely!!! my other bff likes him, her name is sylvia.
she has been getting on my nerves cuz she critizes
everything i do!!! hi by korey hi hi!!! that was korey this
guy in my 4th period class!!! he is so stupid!!! they are
getting on my nerves again!!! DAMN!! i can sing too, not
just them lol well i gtg call my mom cus i have mariachi