2004-04-28 17:56:02 (UTC)

Brief Stop and Soldiers Quilts

I noticed the doors to the Shedd church open on my way back
from Albany. Pastor Ruth has her office hours there this
morning. I always carry Steven's rosary with me so I took
the opportunity to stop and say a rosary for world peace.
This message was on one of my quilt lists this morning:

A member of our local guild (Waldorf, Maryland) started a
"quilts for soldiers" program. These quilts are given to
wounded soldiers, when they come back from Iraq.
Due to the escalation in Iraq, there are approximately 40-48
wounded soldiers coming back almost daily. The need has
become overwhelming for our local guild. Because of this,
they have had to cut back and give quilts to only the most
seriously injured, which means they pass by some of the
wounded on the plane. So...if you would like to help out and
donate a quilt here's what you need to know:

The quilts should be no smaller than 36" x 36" (wheelchair)
or lap size (stretcher) and preferably in red, white and
blue. One of the soldiers visited the guild last month and
was moved to tears by the quilt he received. The quilts
should be mailed to me at the address below:

Carol Mitchell
9815 Hope Acres Rd
White Plains, MD 20695

I will pass the quilts on to the coordinator of the project,
who delivers them to Andrews Air Force Base.

Please feel free to share this with your local guild or
quilting buddies. Thank you in advance.

Carol Mitchell
[email protected]