Umm my diary
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2004-04-28 16:26:29 (UTC)


Hey my gangstaa...u wanted me to write a page bout u in
this so here i go....anyways I LOVE U SOO MUCH!! im so
glad we are besteest friends agoain!! we have the funnest
times! haha ur my BOOTY!! hehe.im so glad that the first
time i got to ride in a cop car was with u! that was great
times!!hey guess what"everyone in this bitch is getting
tipsy..i say everyone is gettign tipsy! hahah:) hey now
GIRLS JUST WANNA HAEV FUN!!! oh yeah!! i will alwasy
rememerb danicing on the bed to the beatles...."love love
me do..u know i love u! I'll always be true, so
pleaaassseee love me do!" GREAT SONG!!hey next year we be
going to CAL*I*FORN*I*A!!HELLL YEAH!! we willl have great
times!!oh yes yes we will! man gabs ur the first one of my
friedns that has gotten in an accidemt and the car u hit
wasnt even moving!! hmm that makes u think!! what a nut!!
ha but i still love u!!.. hey my "PILGRAM" and my lil
YOUNGBLOODZ!! hehe~ we dotn gotta listen to them folks! we
will still find a place to live by the water and I know we
wilL!! hehe we will justhaev to start saving money! hahah
liek that will happen!hmm well today was fun! they flat
tire hehe....well im gonna go for now! but I LOVE
U SO MUCH!! bye bye PILGRAM!!
luv ya *ur youngbloodz CARA*