DiNaH says...
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2004-04-28 11:17:50 (UTC)

he who killed the cat

i can not think of any other title, so i wrote 'he who
killed the cat' without minding if my story fits in it.

of all the things i would want to happen in my life, it's
to have a brother i could lean on and share my life with.
someone who'll protect me and just be there for me.

that is why lots of my male friends are considered my
uncounted brothers.

but even by blood or by heart, there is remains a line
between two lives co-existing on earth.

the problem arises when one pushes himself too far and
without thinking much, his prying too much becomes the
thing that ruins everything.

you see, this is my problem with dennis nowadays. his being
immature and conceited has gone too far. i can no longer
tolerate them. he's not funny anymore. he pisses me off! he
talks too much and say things about my friends whom he
doesn't even know. ang kapal ba naman ng mukha to judge
them eh mas una ko pa nga naging friends yung mga yun kaysa

he is so irritating that i don't wanna see him again! he
has no right to tell me what kind of friend should i be
dealing with. as if! sobrang insecure nya to the point na
gusto nya idamay ang buhay ko sa pagiging bitter nya. i
don't wanna be like him, grudging at the world. he has no
right to judge my friends, nor me going to places he
doesn't like. he's not even my boyfriend for crying out
loud! that's impossible. that's insane!

aaarrrggghhh! he's said so many things that hurt me i want
ot punch him in the nose!